DANA Claims

Damage from DANA. How to claim

The rains from the DANA (isolated depression at high levels) have left flooding and damage in different parts of the Community of Madrid. Many citizens are now wondering if insurance covers their losses and how to claim. In the Consumer Portal we explain in detail what to do if you are one of those affected.

As with any natural disaster, the person in charge of compensating for damage caused to property or people is the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

To be entitled to compensation, the Consortium establishes that the damage had to be caused by a series of risks that it calls “extraordinary events”. This is determined by the Royal Decree 300 / 2004, of February 20, which approves the Extraordinary risk insurance regulations. Said regulation stipulates that the Consortium will compensate, on a compensation basis, losses derived from extraordinary events, including extraordinary floods and atypical cyclonic storm, assumptions that correspond to the circumstances suffered by the people of Madrid during the FUND.

To be eligible for compensation, it is required that the affected property or people be covered by a current insurance policy, for example: home insurance, with the following characteristics:

  • Direct material damage. The policy must include coverage for some of the following risks: fire, theft, glass breakage, damage to machinery, electronic equipment, computers or combined modalities. Damage to the car will be compensated regardless of the coverage contracted.
  • Personal injury. Damages such as injuries, death or disability will be covered if the policy covers the risk of accidents or if you have life insurance.

The Insurance Compensation Consortium will also cover the loss of profit economic benefits derived from the damages suffered, provided that it is expressly included in the policy and that the loss of benefits is a direct consequence of direct damage to the insured property.

For the Consortium to make compensation for extraordinary risks, the insured must be up to date with payment of the policy receipt, which includes a surcharge in favor of the Insurance Compensation Consortium, which must expressly appear in such receipt.


If you have suffered damage as a result of DANA, it is recommended that you follow the following tips:

  • Provide all the documentation you can and pictures of all the damage
  • Present the your policy details, as well as bank details for payment of compensation
  • Submit a photocopy of your insurance policy, as well as the receipt of being up to date with the insurance payment
  • Present estimates and invoices damage repair
  • Keep damage intact until an expert from the Consortium arrives to review the damages
  • If you must remove your vehicle from any road, request a certificate, notarial act or other official document recording the state of the damage suffered by the storm.
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to inform them of the incident. Although the Insurance law gives a period of seven days to communicate it, the consortium has committed through a press release to "manage all compensation requests submitted to it, even if the stipulated 7-day period has elapsed."

The Consortium updates information on the effects of DANA on its News bulletin. 

How to claim

It is important that you notify both the Insurance Compensation Consortium and your insurance company of the damages suffered.

You can contact the Consortium through its web page or through the toll-free telephone 900 222 665

To request compensation, the Consortium website offers you a Fast guide in which they indicate the steps to follow. The procedures will vary depending on whether you claim for personal injury or by material damage.

In order to receive aid for the damage suffered, the Community of Madrid has requested the central government for declaration of seriously affected area for all municipalities affected by the FUND.

In any case, you can consult any news about claims to the consortium through this link.


Updated September 11, 2023.