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Know financial frauds and don't fall into the trap

Consumers may face scam situations in their financial activity, especially due to the influence of new technologies. In the following report from the Consumer Portal we teach you how to identify and prevent them.

Banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies, fund management companies and stock markets offer financial products to consumers. These are services through which value is generated through money, such as investments or credits. In this type of operations, it is also possible that we encounter fraudulent situations.
To prevent them, it is important that we know how to identify the main financial scams that we can suffer and that we learn to prevent them.


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IT Technician Fraud

'Recovery room'

What to do if we are victims
If you have been the victim of a financial scam, one of the first actions you
can do is to pressure the company to return the money, warning of
which will go to the authorities.
Whether you get all or part of your capital back or not, it is very
It is important that you make the facts known to the CNMV and report what happened
to Police, Servicio Marítimo Guardia Civil or go to the Courts. It may be the only chance to
recover your investment.
The complaints filed allow the responsible organizations to disseminate the
corresponding warnings, helping other investors not to be affected
for the same scam.
Remember that, to guarantee the effectiveness of a possible judicial action, you must
submit all documentation that certifies the services received and the amounts