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Community of Madrid and AEFJ sign an agreement to guarantee information and safety in the use of toys

The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment of the Community of Madrid and the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ) have signed an agreement to guarantee the information and safety of consumers as a result of the acquisition and use of toys.

Under this agreement, the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption of the Region of Madrid undertakes to promote the participation of AEFJ in its training actions aimed at controlling the toy market. It also expresses its commitment to promote the inspection action in relation to complaints from the association for the existence of unsafe products on the market, as well as promoting a agile communication channel in order to exchange information with companies on the actions carried out in terms of toy safety and that they can react quickly to eliminate risks and avoid damages.

La Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers, for its part, reaches the following commitments:

  • Get risk information that may entail the use of certain toys.
  • inform the Directorate General for Trade and Consumption of these risks as well as the measures adopted to prevent them.
  • Work on the dissemination among its members of the quick action guide in case of withdrawal of products from the market.
  • Contribute to Withdraw from the market toys that do not comply with safety regulations.
  • Promote the dissemination of alert network system among its associates.
  • Prepare actions on toy safety aimed at consumers for publication in the Consumer Portal Community of Madrid.
  • Prepare with the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption a Training program tailored for consumer technicians and another for market surveillance.
  • facilitate a information exchange forum and opinion on eventual conflicts and doubts regarding the interpretation of the standard, in which the Research Association of the toy, related and related industry (AIJU) and other accredited laboratories for toys will also participate.