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Purchase of tires. Follow these tips and everything will go smoothly

Tires are one of the most important elements of driving, since they are the ones that guarantee rolling on the road and the safe adhesion of the vehicle to the asphalt. In the following report from the Consumer Portal, we offer you a series of tips that will be very useful to you.

If you need to buy tires for your vehicle, make sure you are doing so in a specialized establishment.

First of all, keep in mind that you as a consumer have the same rights as in any other purchase. Therefore, know that:

You have the right to be given a ticket or invoice as proof of sale. Keep it, as it will be very useful in case you have to make a claim.

will have a three year warranty, which you can claim in the event that the tire is defective. If you have a problem with the tires in the first two years, it will be understood that the defect is of origin, the seller must solve the problem, since it is under warranty and if you do not agree, you must demonstrate that the defect was not of origin .

· There manipulation of the tire by third parties may void the warranty.

Manufacturers are obliged to maintain the existence of repair parts and adequate technical service for 10 years from the date the product is discontinued.

Tire dealers are required to provide a product information sheet, which must be made available to the consumer before the sale.



Tires must necessarily carry a energy labeling, which is regulated by the Regulation 2020 / 740, of the Parliament and of the Council of May 25, regarding the labeling of tires.

The entire label must be visible next to the tire at the point of sale, or on an identifying sticker if the tire is not visible. The minimum tire label size is 75mm wide and 110mm high.

tire label


The label provides the following information:

-In the upper part, the logo of the European Union next to the Energy or with a unit’s QR code that digitally provides all the tire information.

-In the upper left, under the logo of the European Union, will appear the tradename and the supplier's brand. The figures below will indicate the tire dimension, the load capacity index and the speed category symbol.

-In the upper right, under the QR code, the identifier number of the tire and below the code with the tire class (where C1 is for passenger cars, C2 for vans and C3 for trucks).

-The pictogram on the left determines the efficiency of the tire in terms of fuel consumption, on a scale from “A” to “E”, where A marks the highest efficiency and E the lowest.

-The pictogram on the right means the tire grip on wet surface, on a scale from "A" to "E", where A marks the greatest adherence and E the least.

-The lower left pictogram indicates the external rolling noise of the tyre, in a value expressed in decibels (dB) and the class of behavior on a scale from "A" to "C".

-To your right, in the case of a tire for use in snowy or icy conditions, the pictogram will appear indicating whether the tire meets the minimum values ​​of grip on snow or ice.

In addition, the seller must have the Product Information Sheet at the point of sale, which will include the above information and also the start and end date of production.

Buy online

If you want to buy your tires online, make sure you do it with a specialized seller. When making these purchases online, keep the following in mind:

Make sure they provide you with the information of the product sheet and the energy label of the tyre.

Be sure to watch the final price of the product with VAT included, the method of payment and the date and modalities of delivery.

· After the purchase, the seller must confirm the operation with a email.

The delivery of the product must be made in a maximum period of 30 days.

You can withdraw from the purchase in the 14 calendar days upon receipt of the product.


second hand tires

We find more and more establishments that are specializing in the sale of second-hand tires. If you choose this route, keep in mind that:

They must provide you all the information and tire labeling.

They must provide a ticket or invoice proof of purchase.

·        The warranty will also be three years., unless a shorter term is agreed, which can never be less than one year.

· The guarantee does not contemplate the possibility of replacement, so you will only be able to have the tire repaired in case of damage.



If you have a problem with the purchase, you can file a claim, either in person, at the Municipal Consumer Information Office closest to your home, General Directorate of Commerce, Consumption and Services of the Community of Madrid, or through Internet.


Update date: August 23, 2023