Consumer Arbitration

Consumer arbitration

It is a voluntary and free dispute resolution procedure.

Voluntary action must be by both parties, that is, the employer must accept this solution mechanism.

Companies and professionals can adhere to the consumer arbitration system presenting a commitment through which they agree to submit to this channel all conflicts that may arise with consumers in the future. In this case, the company may display a badge of adherence to arbitration to inform the consumer that it offers this guarantee. The company or professional may also agree to arbitration in the case of a specific claim.

In the event that the company not attached to the system and receives a request for arbitration, you will be notified as soon as possible, leaving the company fifteen days to accept it or not, as well as to answer the request by formulating the allegations it deems appropriate. After this period, if the company does not accept arbitration, the president of the Consumer Arbitration Board will order the filing of the request, notifying the parties.

If the company answers by accepting the consumer arbitration, it will be considered initiated The procedure. exist cases excluded from arbitration: intoxication, injury or death, or if there are reasonable indications of crime.

The arbitral college will listen to the parties, will carry out evidence (if it deems it appropriate) and will issue a award written.

The award issued by the arbitral college obliges both parties to comply with it and is enforceable from its notification. In case of non-compliance, the consumer can request its execution before the judge of First Instance. The arbitration award closes the possibility of resorting to ordinary courts for the same reason.

Although it is the courts of justice that can decide on the compensation for damages, the Consumer Arbitration System also has the capacity to issue awards in this regard, as long as the company admits it in its adherence to the arbitration system.

Other cases, like those claims in which there is evidence of a crime, are the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of justice.

For more information on how arbitration works in detail you can consult the section on it in the Consumer Portal.

If you have filed an arbitration request and wish to check its status, you can do so, if you have a digital certificate, through the Management and procedures of the Community of Madrid, or by calling the telephone numbers (*) full Consumer Service Office: 91 310 59 03/ 91 310 58 39, Monday to Friday (non-holiday) during hours 9: 00 to 14: 00.

(*) For the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on Protection of Personal Data, by phone they can only provide you with the state in which your request for arbitration is located.