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It is a voluntary and free dispute resolution procedure. Voluntary action must be by both parties, that is, the employer must accept this solution mechanism. Companies and professionals can join the consumer arbitration system by presenting a commitment through which they agree to submit to this channel all conflicts that may arise with consumers in the future. The arbitral college will listen to the parties, will carry out evidence (if it deems it appropriate) and will issue a award in writing that obligates both parties to comply and executive from your notification.

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The arbitration bodies study the claims of consumers and the allegations of the companies claimed and propose a solution to the conflict, which is mandatory for the parties. To do so, they issue a written resolution (award).

If you want to know any of the rulings that have been resolved by the General Directorate of Commerce, Consumption and Services of the Community of Madrid, select the category that interests you or search by keywords and you will be able to access them.


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