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Public car parks must install electric charging points before 2023

The Government has approved Royal Decree 29/2021, in which a series of measures are adopted to promote electric mobility. One of them is the obligation that car parks in buildings that are not for private residential use, as well as public car parks, will have to install a series of electric charging points before January 1, 2023.

Specifically, the new law states that they must avail themselves of this obligation all buildings for use other than private residential that have a parking area with more than twenty spaces, either indoors or in an assigned outdoor space. The rule must also apply public car parks with more than twenty spaces that are not attached to any building.

The recharging points to be installed must be proportional to the number of spaces available in the car park. So it will install a charging station for every 40 parking spaces, up to 1.000 seats, and one for every 100 additional seats. 

In state-owned buildings, a charging station will be installed for every 20 parking spaces, up to 500 spaces, and one for every 100 additional spaces.

Excluded from this obligation are protected buildings officially for being part of a declared environment or because of its particular architectural or historical value.

El Royal Decree 29 / 2021 It also establishes other measures for the Government to encourage the installation of electric recharging points for vehicles.