Do not cut yourself

Do not cut yourself

Care program for adolescent victims of gender violence

Gender violence is a social problem that affects all sectors of society, including the adolescent population. It does not normally start with physical aggression but with behaviors of domination and abuse, without, on many occasions, being aware at that moment of suffering such violence.

Helping adolescents and their families to identify situations of abuse and put a stop to them is one of the priority objectives of the Community of Madrid in its fight against gender-based violence and the promotion of healthy relationships, based on mutual respect.

For this reason, the Community of Madrid makes a specialized comprehensive care service available to young women and their families. is offered psychological, educational, social and legal guidance according to the stated needs.

If you are a young person, mother or father of a teenager, friend, or professional in any field related to young people and you know of a situation of gender violence, don't hesitate, change is possible and the best way is prevention.

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