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Senior Centers

Senior Centers

Centers aimed at promoting active aging and the prevention of dependency through coexistence, support for integration and the promotion of participation.

They are aimed at older people who live in their usual community environment and, for them, physical, intellectual, cultural, artistic, leisure and free time activities are organized, and information, guidance and advice on social services are offered.

Offer of activities, programs and services

Aimed at the practice of social skills, development of personal skills, cultural and craft hobbies, etc. They are taught by companies and older volunteers.

Organized within the framework of the centers themselves, they can deal either with topics of a specialized nature or with topics of current interest that add value to the elderly. They are organized at the initiative of the partners or the management through alliance with other institutions.

A series of leisure, coexistence, cultural, preventive and intergenerational physical activities are grouped together that are carried out on the centers' own initiative, financed by the AMAS and co-managed with the Governing Boards.

They are those conceived as dynamics of promotion and sociocultural animation that are designed for all the members of the 32 centers for the elderly.

These are annual activities that close the cycle of others, such as contests, championships or musical and artistic demonstrations, which include the work carried out. Meetings between the centers for the celebration of anniversaries or collective recognitions are also included.