The Community of Madrid leads the creation of companies after increasing 5,9% in September while the average for Spain fell by 2% of Madrid

The Community of Madrid led the creation of companies in September with an increase of 5,9% compared to the previous month and a total of 1.519 new companies. In Spain the rebound has been just 1,9%, four points lower. Catalonia is far behind with 343 fewer than those registered in Madrid during September. In this way, more than one in five new companies founded in the country (22,6%) have chosen the region to start their activity. A woman answers a call in a bar that is a franchise
08 November 2023

The data made public today by the National Statistics Institute (INE) also indicate that the subscribed capital of these firms in the Community of Madrid reaches 105,2 million euros, also the highest figure among all the Autonomous Communities.

In addition, between January and September 2023, 18.602 entities have been established, 22,5% of the total, thus also leading the accumulated figure for the year. Catalonia follows with about 3.000 fewer than Madrid. Comparing these figures with the same period in 2022, the growth in the region has been 8%.

On the other hand, the capitalization of the first nine months of the year amounts to 897,8 million euros in the Community of Madrid, 19,1% of the state as a whole. In this way, so far this year, 68 businesses have been created every day in the region, with a subscribed capital of 48.265,1 euros on average.