The Community of Madrid improves the air conditioning of the trains on Metro lines 1 and 5, which 288 million passengers use every year of Madrid

The Community of Madrid is going to allocate 5,3 million euros to improve the air conditioning of the 288 million users who travel each year on the trains of Metro lines 1 and 5 and for the company workers who cover these routes. Madrid metro
01 October 2023

The Government Council held this Wednesday has approved this investment to improve the provision of the service in this public transport, and for which the winning company must inspect, control and repair, if necessary, the ventilation, heating and cooling devices of 394 cars that circulate on the Madrid suburban network, almost 17% of the entire park.

Among the works contemplated include the disassembly of the train devices and their cleaning; checking and replacing components; verification and correction of possible leaks, and carrying out all necessary functional tests. The tasks will be carried out in the company's workshops, warehouses or maintenance depots through which the convoys circulate.