The Community of Madrid leads the national ranking in number of startups and is in fifth position at the European level of Madrid

The Community of Madrid leads the national ranking of startup concentration and occupies the fifth European position in number of innovative companies, behind London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Stockholm. The region has an ecosystem that supports 48.000 jobs, of which 55% have been created in the last five years. The act
15 September 2023

The Minister of Digitalization, Miguel López-Valverde, visited the headquarters of the Google Campus for Startups, one of the seven complexes for entrepreneurs that the multinational has around the world, where it has highlighted the data that places Madrid at the head of technology-based companies, with a total of 3.150, of which 2.293 have been founded in the last decade and are valued at 39.600 billion euros.

According to the latest report for the month of April Startup radar of the Madri+d Foundation, the Community of Madrid is in the top positions in the main indicators of attracting innovation, talent and opportunities. Thus, it is the eighth European region in number of companies, with a total of 25 entities worth 200 million.

For its part, a recent report from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) consolidates Madrid as the Autonomous Community where the most companies are created, with a total of 1.938 new companies during the month of July. López-Valverde has stressed that "these data show the success of the regional government's policies, which are committed to generating the necessary conditions to attract investment and promote projects that promote wealth and employment", and has detailed that the policy Favorable tax regime, safe environment, quality public services and increasingly agile and efficient procedures are the main factors that make the region an attractive place for emerging businesses.

The reports managed by the Department of Digitalization place the Community of Madrid as an international center of operations, occupying fifth place in the number of offices opened by startups from other countries, with 173 in 2022, and the same position in attracting investments. “This scenario encourages us to continue working to advance positions in those rankings and consolidate ourselves as an advanced and leading society digitally speaking,” the counselor concluded.