The Community of Madrid announces its annual scholarships to support highly competitive Madrid athletes of Madrid

The Community of Madrid, through the Madrid for Sports Foundation, has announced its annual scholarships aimed at supporting highly competitive Madrid athletes who are finalizing their preparation for the next Olympic and Paralympic Games. Thus, the regional government will allocate a total of 180.000 euros for this purpose and applications can be submitted until September 18. swimmer in competition
09 September 2023

Within this subsidy, there are two types of aid, the largest, endowed with 8.000 euros for medalists in the Olympic/Paralympic Games, World or European Championships; and 7.000 for those who have not obtained metal.

Among the requirements for its granting are having Spanish nationality, having been born in the region, not being sanctioned and not having obtained in 2022 an amount greater than 60.000 euros as the sum of any income. Also, they must be in possession of a valid Madrid federative license and must have competed in 2023 in an official event.

The Technical Commission of the Madrid Foundation for Sports, once all the applications have been analyzed, will evaluate, decide and determine the beneficiaries of the subsidies. This body will determine the maximum number of scholarships to be awarded per discipline, reserving, in the case of team competitions, the right to distribute a maximum number of grants among its possible members. In the cases of athlete and athlete guide, they will be considered, both for the purposes of results and resolution, as a unit.

The Madrid Foundation for Sports is a foundation whose purpose is to contribute to the development of Madrid sports, linking it with culture and education, for the comprehensive development of the person and society, and to contribute to making this a space of fairer and more egalitarian coexistence and integration.