The Community of Madrid approves 10 million for urgent actions in the municipalities affected by the DANA last weekend of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has approved today allocating 10 million euros to the municipalities affected by the DANA, especially those in the southwestern area of ​​the region most seriously affected by the heavy rains and storms this past weekend. This budget will serve the municipalities to undertake their most urgent actions in the face of the damage caused by the storm in their respective municipalities. Shot of both counselors at the lectern
06 September 2023

The regional government has agreed to enable this item charged to the supramunicipal Reserve Fund of the Regional Investment Program (PIR) that allows alleviating emergency situations. It will be the public company Planifica Madrid, dependent on the Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Local Administration, which will undertake from today the first urgent actions of cleaning, debris removal, clearing, demolitions, and those aimed at the recovery and reactivation of public services essentials that have been damaged.

From Planifica Madrid, an exclusive telephone number will be made available to the affected councils from which to manage the carrying out of these first urgent actions.  

The Governing Council has also agreed at its meeting today to request the State to declare the municipalities most affected by the DANA an area seriously affected by a Civil Protection emergency, as the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has already advanced this Monday. during his visit to Aldea del Fresno, one of the towns hardest hit by the storm.

In the event that the Government of the Nation accepts this request, the regional Executive will provide local authorities with smaller populations with the necessary technical support to assess the damage, prepare recovery projects and submit the necessary documentation. in order to receive state aid.

In this sense, it should be remembered that after the Philomena storm that devastated the region in 2021, the Government of the Community of Madrid allocated a total of 47,5 million euros in financial aid to the municipalities and sectors affected by the strong snowfall.

Balance of security and emergency services

Between 14:00 p.m. on Sunday and 06:00 a.m. on Tuesday, the Community of Madrid Fire Department carried out a total of 1.467 interventions in 105 municipalities, of which in 289 cases it was necessary to move a resource (a 53 municipalities).

The Municipal Coordination Center (CECOM), during September 3 and 4, managed a total of 216 warnings related to rainfall. In addition, room 112 attended to some 2.300 incidents, with more than 18.000 calls.

Likewise, Canal de Isabel II supplied more than 30.000 liters of drinking water through two 15.000-liter tanker trucks that were destined for the towns of Villa del Prado and Villamanta, and two vans with 2.400 liters of water in jugs to Aldea of the Fresno.

The Community of Madrid activated the INUNCAM Plan in view of the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency -AEMET- regarding intense rainfall for Sunday. Through the regional Security and Emergency Agency ASEM112, firefighters, forestry agents and civil protection were coordinated, in addition to sending, for the first time, a massive alert by telephone to citizens to warn of the storm. The activation of ES-ALERT of the National Civil Protection System came after receiving the red level alarm from the AEMET, which implies a very high risk to the population according to the official classification.

The Community of Madrid Fire Brigade had a total of 581 troops, of which 277 were troops in parks -40% higher than the established figure-, five chief supervisors, an additional officer at the Operations Coordination Center, as well as personnel assigned to attend to forest fires, who that day served as support in auxiliary tasks such as removing branches. In addition, 128 vehicles were used, including four bilge vehicles.

As for the regional Forest Agents Corps, there were 46 in the 16 counties, with their 46 4x4 vehicles, in support of the intervention group, as well as three daytime broadcasters and one night broadcaster. Likewise, the ERIVE (Emergency Civil Protection Volunteers Immediate Logistics Response Team) was activated to support firefighters in logistical tasks, search for the missing, bilge and traffic control. In addition, room 112 was reinforced with three more emergency managers (operators).