The Community of Madrid leads the creation of jobs in the last year with 132.132 new affiliates of Madrid

The Community of Madrid is the region of Spain in which the most jobs have been created in the last year in absolute terms, with 132.132 new contributors (+3,9%), 1,1 points above the national average ( +2,8%). Every day 362 new workers have been registered and 24% of jobs in the entire country have been generated.

04 September 2023

This is reflected in the latest data made public today by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, corresponding to August, and which also indicate that the total number of Social Security affiliates is 3.518.007, the best data in the historical series for this month.

Since August 2022, an average of 362 jobs per day have been created in Madrid, and 24% of the jobs in the entire country have been generated.

Regarding the unemployment figure, it has been reduced in the last twelve months by 10.749 unemployed, -3,4%. In this way, the total number of Madrid residents without work stands at 302.537, the lowest figure for this month in the last fifteen years.

Likewise, unemployment has risen by 2.806 people in August (+0,9%), well below the historical average for this month, which is 5.067, in a month in which unemployment has grown in 16 Autonomous Communities.

For its part, the number of self-employed workers has increased in the Community by 3.144 (+0,8%) in August compared to the previous year, leaving the total at 416.785 self-employed workers.