The Community of Madrid begins its largest asphalt operation in Sevilla la Nueva with the improvement of 55 streets in the town of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has started today the largest asphalt operation ever carried out in the municipality of Sevilla la Nueva, in which 55 main streets of the town will be remodeled, 42% of its roads. This action, financed with funds from the Regional Investment Program –PIR– 2022/2026 and a budget of more than 1,8 million euros, will improve the safety and accessibility of a total of 165.000 square meters. The counselor touring the municipality
July 28, 2023

The Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Local Administration, Miguel Ángel García Martín, together with the mayor of this town in the southwest, Asensio Martínez, toured the construction area to find out the status of these works, which have an expected deadline seven-month run.

Thus, after the milling operation and the design of the new horizontal signage, a five centimeter layer of asphalt agglomerate has been extended. In addition, in certain areas, specific repairs will be made to damage to the road, such as potholes, peelings or cracks, and the complete restoration of the pavement will be undertaken.

"The Community of Madrid wants to be close to the people of Madrid and know their needs. Actions like these want to improve their streets, make them more accessible and safer, and beautify the towns. This is a clear commitment of the regional Executive to improve public services in the 179 municipalities", highlighted García Martín.

The Community of Madrid allocates more than 3,4 million euros to Seville la Nueva under the Regional Investment Program 2022/2026, of which 2,5 million will be dedicated to the renovation and construction of infrastructures and almost 900.000 euros to spending current. This figure represents 43% more than the previous programme.

55 streets redeveloped

Specifically, the streets targeted for action are Juventud, Esperanza, Del Rey, De la Fuente de la Bañuela, Carril del Alcor, Ramal del Cortijo, Paso de la Estrella, and Santa Bárbara. Likewise, work is being carried out in Carril de la Charca, Del Rodeo, Sevillanos, Villanueva, Goya, Hispanidad, Juan Carlos I, San Isidro, José Antonio, De las Fuentes, Fuente Roque and Fuente del Testero.

Likewise, in Fuente del Egido, Del Praderón, Sacedón, Jacinto Benavente, Avutarda, Caño, Cigüeña, Codorniz, Pheasant, Sparrow, Blackbird, Nightingale (section 1 and section 2), Tortola, Velázquez, Aldea del Fresno, Alondra, Brunete, Haces, Julián Villacieros, Navalcarnero, Olivar, Ramón y Cajal, Tejar and Doctor García Torres.

Also in the avenues Dos de Mayo, De Guadarrama, De Madrid, De los Toreros, Ramal del Crucero, Ramal Miragredos, Camino de las Charcas, De Villamanta, De Valdelagua and Paseo del Olivar.