The Community of Madrid reduces the unemployment rate below 10%, the lowest for 15 years of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has reduced the unemployment rate below the 10% barrier to situate it at 9,5%, the lowest figure since 2008 according to data from the Active Population Surveys (EPA) released today corresponding to the second quarter of the year. The data improves the distance with the national measure of 11,6% by up to two points The counselor sitting at the intervention table
July 27, 2023

In addition, there was an increase of 77.300 employed workers in the region (+2,4%), the strongest increase for the same period since 2005, demonstrating the strength of the labor market in the Community of Madrid. The total number of employed persons rises to 3.301.600, a record for the entire historical series.

As for the number of unemployed, it fell to -12,5% ​​compared to the first three months of the year, with 49.900 fewer unemployed, and stands at 349.200 people, 17.100 less than a year ago (-4,68%) .

The unemployment rate of 9,5% is placed one and a half points less with respect to the previous quarter. In the case of youth unemployment, Madrid registered 25,3%, seven points less than the previous quarter and almost five below the data for Spain (30%).

The activity rate in Madrid stands at 63,4%, two tenths more than in the previous quarter and 4,5 points above the national figure (58,97%). It is also about quality employment, with 87,4% of permanent contracts, 4,7 points higher than the data for the entire national territory.

Finally, households with all their members employed in the Community of Madrid have increased by 27.000 in the last year, an increase of +1,6%, reaching a total of 1.759.400.