The Community of Madrid appears as a popular accusation for the death in June of a woman allegedly at the hands of her ex-partner in Móstoles of Madrid

The Community of Madrid is going to appear as a popular accusation for the violent death of a 36-year-old woman, allegedly caused by her ex-partner. The case occurred in Móstoles on June 28, when the victim was stabbed by her assailant and she died the following day as a result of the seriousness of her injuries. A psychologist assists a woman
July 26, 2023

The Governing Council, at its meeting today, has learned of the entrustment of the Minister of Family, Youth and Social Affairs, Ana Dávila, to the General Counsel of the Community of Madrid for the exercise of jurisdictional actions that will be exercised on behalf of the regional Administration in the preliminary proceedings that are followed in the Court of Instruction No. 3 of Móstoles.

The class action is exercised as a civilly injured party in criminal cases opened for death, serious injury or genital mutilation. This representation is one of the measures provided for in the regional law on this type of violence, which extends its protection to both women and their children and dependents. Since 2016, the Community of Madrid has exercised this power in 63 criminal cases.

The General Directorate for Equality of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Social Affairs annually helps around 21.000 victims through the comprehensive care network for women existing in the region. In addition, every year it provides residential places to approximately 400 women.