The Community of Madrid brings together nearly 5.000 young people in the summer camps of its sports campuses of Madrid

The Community of Madrid is celebrating a new edition of its Campus for sports promotion, talent detection and modernization, whose summer camps are attended in this third edition by 4.800 children and young people. From June to September the participants learn different disciplines thanks to the collaboration of various sports federations. The counselor touring the facilities
July 21, 2023

The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sport, Mariano de Paco Serrano, today visited the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park -Madrid- to learn about some of the 11 courses that are taught at these facilities. Among these, he has highlighted the initiation to canoeing, for children from four years old, or the campus that includes karate, football, basketball, hockey, volleyball and rugby. In addition, the counselor has also been able to verify how the little ones are practicing various forms of athletics, acrosport, skating or hockey.

The objective of the regional government with this initiative -which is also carried out in its sports facilities in San Vicente de Paul and Canal de Isabel II- is to encourage and promote physical exercise from a very young age, as an essential part of a healthy and complete life and to facilitate the reconciliation between family and work life during school holidays. "Sport improves our quality of life and teaches us the importance of a culture of effort, teamwork, respect for our opponents and fair play", the counselor pointed out.

De Paco Serrano also thanked the involvement of the different federations that collaborate with the Community of Madrid in this project, "without forgetting the commitment they are making to the modernization of athletes who wish to perfect technical and tactical aspects."

Train as lifeguards

Within the offer, the Madrid Lifeguard Federation is developing activities for children between 7 and 14 years of age such as rescue maneuvers and first aid workshops, which include learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), immobilization for trauma and bandages, among others. For young people from 15 to 16 years old, the course is focused on students obtaining the title of Aquatic Lifeguard and can practice this profession.

To complete all this programming, the Puerta de Hierro Park, in collaboration with the Madrid Padel Federation, offers classes in this sport and Tennis, Taekwondo, Beach Volleyball and Triathlon, also carry out activities in these camps.  

For its part, the San Vicente de Paul facilities, which are located in the Carabanchel district of the capital, house the tennis and baseball campus; and those of Canal de Isabel II, in the Chamberí district, volleyball and basketball.