The Community of Madrid strengthens collaboration with the 179 municipalities in the region to simplify procedures and improve public services of Madrid

The Community of Madrid will strengthen collaboration with the 179 municipalities in the region to simplify procedures and improve public services with the aim of improving the lives of all citizens. The counselor speaking at the lectern
July 21, 2023

The Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Local Administration, Miguel Ángel García Martín, met today with the mayors of the less populated towns in the region, Eva María Gallego, first mayor of Madarcos (63 residents), and Gustavo Martín, of La Acebeda (62), to bring the regional administration closer to rural populations, and with the deputy mayor of Madrid, Inmaculada Sanz, with whom he has promised to intensify cooperation and institutional loyalty towards a city where they reside 3,3 million people.

“It would not be possible to understand what we are without the contribution of the 179 municipalities in the region, from their traditions or their gastronomy to their landscapes, their economic activity or their historical and artistic heritage”, García Martín pointed out. For this reason, he has influenced, "local development is at the forefront of this Government's priorities, defending the autonomy of localities and supporting investments that improve the quality of life of its neighbors."

The counselor stressed that permanent communication channels and channels will be established with the capital city council to evaluate public policies and continue to implement quality public services, as well as to exchange information and good practices and continue advancing in administrative simplification and elimination of bureaucratic burdens. 

Likewise, García Martín has committed to the councilors of La Acebeda and Madarcos to extend the project of the Mobile Citizen Service Offices to municipalities with less than 1.400 inhabitants, at the beginning of 2024, until reaching 144, a measure that will benefit 51 small towns.

At present, the frequency of visits to the different localities is weekly in those with more neighbors and biweekly in those with less population. It was recently confirmed that its activity will continue during the summer months. The planned routes, schedules and locations of these mobile units are detailed on the web:

This service is now added to the network of Registration and Citizen Service Offices of the Community of Madrid, made up of a total of 90 points, 47 of which are owned and 43 managed jointly with 36 municipalities and the Citizen Service telephone number 012. regional.