The Community of Madrid appears in court for the forest fire in Castellón last March of Madrid

The Governing Council has today authorized the appearance of the Community of Madrid in the legal proceedings initiated by the forest fire in Segorbe (Castellón) last March. The fire began in Villanueva de Viver and in a short time it affected the territorial scope of other municipalities, for which the Executive of the Valencian Community requested means of support for the man from Madrid. Firefighters trying to put out the fire in a forest fire
July 19, 2023

The forest fire service of the General Directorate of Emergencies has reported that these expenses amount to 75.985,55 euros for the displacement of a support forestry unit together with the quartermaster and supply unit and, in addition, the Headquarters of the Madrid Community Fire Department. Along with these thirty troops, three trucks were mobilized with heavy forestry pumps and a heavy pump that were used in the work, as well as an ambulance and other light command and logistics vehicles.

The legal services of the Community of Madrid have issued a report favorable to the appearance as a civil actor and the exercise of civil action derived from the crime. With this, it will be possible to claim from the cause of the incident, in which around 4.200 hectares burned, the amount of the expenses produced by the collaboration in the extinction. At this time, the preliminary proceedings have already begun in the Court of First Instance and Single Investigation of the town of Castellón.

The destructive potential of any open flame is very significant. Thanks to the rapid action of the Fire Department of the Community of Madrid, it was possible to limit its extension.

This is the ninth case of these characteristics in which the Community of Madrid is involved, which is already in legal proceedings for similar cases. Specifically, those produced in 2020 in Villarejo de Salvanés; 2021 in Brunete, Quijorna, San Agustín del Guadalix and Villaviciosa de Odón; 2022 in Robledo de Chavela and San Martín de Valdeiglesias, and 2023 in Aranjuez and the one produced in Castellón.

The new Law on the Integrated System for Civil Protection and Emergencies (SIPCE) allows the Community of Madrid to appear as a private prosecution in cases of intentional fires with serious consequences for the environment and citizens, as well as the claim for expenses incurred for services and supplies.