The Community of Madrid facilitates the formalization of almost 400 employment contracts for the reinsertion of minor offenders of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has facilitated the formalization of almost 400 employment contracts among young people who are serving judicial measures in one of the six centers managed by the Agency for the Reeducation and Reintegration of Minor Offenders (ARRMI). The counselor touring the center and talking to some young people
July 14, 2023

The Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Local Administration, Miguel Ángel García Martín, today visited the facilities of El Madroño in the capital, where thirteen of these young people receive education programs in values ​​and the necessary learning so that, after the time estimated by the judge for their permanence in it, "they can start a new life."

“The work carried out by the Agency is a benchmark at a national and international level, as demonstrated by the interest that its operating model arouses among the different delegations from other countries that have come to see it. The reintegration task is a complex process in which the key to achieving good results is to individualize the treatment for each person, the specialization and try to involve the families in the whole process”, explained the counselor.

Thus, nine out of ten young people who pass through the ARRMI facilities do not relapse into the crime that brought them there. For García Martín, “it is a matter of redirecting the behavior of these children by acquiring behavior patterns to fully integrate into society, having the possibility of working and feeling like active citizens. All this supported by the great professionalism of the educators, psychologists, social workers and assistants of this organization”.

In these centers, inmates follow various training workshops, such as carpentry, gardening, crafts, sewing, hairdressing or office automation that prepare them for their future. In addition, in the specific case of El Madroño, there is a responsible motherhood program, which allows minors and young mothers to acquire skills to care for their children.