The Community of Madrid invests more than 10 million for the maintenance of bridges in the regional road network of Madrid

The acting Government Council of the Community of Madrid has today approved the award of the contract for the maintenance and repair of the bridges in the Northwest, North, Northeast and East areas of the regional road network. For this purpose, 10,65 million euros will be invested, and will have a duration of 36 months, extendable for another 24 months. A bridge on a highway
May 31th 2023

The agreement for the 2022/25 period will allow the affected elements in all road crossing structures and retaining walls to recover and maintain their functionality. The repair includes rehabilitation and reinforcement actions. Specifically, the work will focus on large bridges, pontoons, footbridges and pedestrian underpasses, as well as retaining walls.

Tasks are divided into three types based on their scope. The first one is aimed at improving durability, with the injection of cracks or repainting. The second contains actions with a resistant character, with reinforcement solutions where a decrease in its resistant capacity is detected. The third intervention is aimed at adapting the containment systems to replace the existing systems with ones that comply with current regulations.

The first of the two approved agreements covers the Northwest and North areas of the Madrid Community road network and has been awarded for a value of 4,81 million euros. The second, which includes the Northeast and East zones, has been granted for 5,84 million.