The Community of Madrid approves 45 million to finance municipal public Nursery Schools next year of Madrid

The Community of Madrid invests 45 million euros to guarantee the financing of municipally owned public Nursery Schools in 2023 towns for the next school year 24/148. The regional Executive pays for this first stage through agreements with the town halls -which can be extended up to four years-, and to which is added the one located in the facilities of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). Some children in a classroom
May 31th 2023

The acting Governing Council has today authorized the agreements with 27 of them who, having exceeded half a million euros, have to go through this process. These have a value of 28,08 million to assume during 2023/24 the schooling of the students of the first cycle of Early Childhood Education in 92 Nursery Schools and 25 Town Hall Children's Houses, as well as the operation of the headquarters of ten early care teams and nine headquarters of Children's Houses.

In addition, for the next academic year, the Ministry of Education and Universities has provided another 17 million euros to 121 towns that also have local Infant Schools and Children's Homes, as well as the one located at the UAM. In these cases, the amounts are less than 500.000 euros and do not require prior authorization from the Governing Council.

Currently there are around 83.200 children under 3 years of age in school in the Community of Madrid. 45.000 of them in public centers, 5,4% more than last year. In addition, 3.575 students attend the private ones in agreement.

The next academic year 2023/24 will be the fifth since the entry into force of free schooling in the Infant Schools of the public network was approved. Likewise, the Community of Madrid has invested 50,6 million euros for Early Childhood Education aid in this 2022/23.