The Community of Madrid launches a multimedia operation for the results of 28-M with real-time information at street level of Madrid

The Community of Madrid will launch a multimedia operation tomorrow to offer all the data on participation and the vote count for the 28-M elections to the Madrid Assembly. The device includes 450 digital points with this information on the regional elections in real time and at street level through public transport canopies and, in addition, the installation of led screens on the main façade of the Real Casa de Correos in the Puerta del Sol. Election day will mobilize around 42.500 people including public employees, members of polling stations and security personnel who will ensure its correct development. The counselor and the vice counselor present the device
May 27th 2023

The Minister of the Presidency, Justice and the Interior, Enrique López, and the Deputy Minister of the Presidency, Miguel Ángel García Martín, have presented today the electoral operation and the Data Dissemination Center that will be located in the Royal Post Office, headquarters of the Presidency of the regional government, where the information of the voting day will be provided to the accredited media. This Center will open its doors from 08.00:XNUMX and its closure will coincide with the end of the scrutiny.

With this objective, a space of more than 600 square meters has been set up in the central courtyard of the building with a large screen ice of 40 square meters on the main stage. From this place, public appearances will be made to gradually report on the constitution of the tables, progress in participation and results of the scrutiny. The press operation has ten positions for television cameras, two sets for live interviews, eight radio booths and tables set up for editors from different media.

At the same time, all citizens will also have instant access to all electoral information through the websites exclusive to the Community of Madrid and the App 28M Elections 2023 for mobile devices. Added to this are the 450 digital points enabled in public transport bus shelters in the region and, in addition, screens ice on the main façade of the Real Casa de Correos in Puerta del Sol with the details of the voting day.

Election day schedule 

The activity in the polling stations, where the people of Madrid are also called to elect the composition of the councils of their respective municipalities, will begin at 08:00. At 09:00 hours the doors will open so that citizens can exercise their right to vote.

The Community of Madrid will offer the data on the constitution of the polling stations at 10:00 am and two informative previews of participation. The first will take place from 13:30 p.m., with figures for 13:00 p.m., and the second at 19:30 p.m. with those corresponding to 19:00 p.m. As of 20:00 p.m., after the voting period has ended, the scrutiny of the municipal elections will begin, followed by the regional ones.

Atonomic elections in figures 

For tomorrow's election day, 1.090 premises have been set up, distributed throughout the 179 municipalities of the region, in which 7.118 polling stations will be installed with 21.354 polling station members. For these elections, a total of 5.211.682 voters are called to the polls, which include citizens registered in the Electoral Census of Absent Residents (CERA).

In this electoral appointment, the Community of Madrid has 98.869 new voters who join the census after reaching the age of majority. In total, 8,5 million envelopes and 75.523.500 ballots have been printed, of which 9.633.000 are intended for voting by mail and for those from Madrid registered with CERA.

14.238 ballot boxes and 3.825 booths have also been arranged to guarantee that each voter can secretly select their ballot. Likewise, there are 1.090 school markers.

The 28-M elections in the Community of Madrid will have the participation of almost 42.500 people, who will integrate the organization, development and security of election day, including 21.354 polling station members and 3.777 representatives of the Administration.

election security

Regarding the presence of security forces, as the Government Delegation in Madrid has already advanced, a total of 11.300 agents of the National Police, Civil Guard and Municipal Police will guarantee the normal functioning of the electoral process.  

In the case of the Local Police, 2.500 agents will participate in the device, 1.200 of whom belong to the Madrid City Council. All of them will work under the coordination of the Madrid 112 Security and Emergency Agency (ASEM112), which will do the same with the 223 members of the Community of Madrid Fire Department scheduled to be operational during 28-M and the 108 forest agents prominent in their corresponding regions.

ASEM112 will also coordinate the response to any incident that may arise and that requires the presence of members of Civil Protection, who add up to a total of 3.500 volunteers in the Community of Madrid, spread over more than 100 groups. For its part, the Emergency Civil Protection Volunteers Immediate Logistics Response Team (ERIVE) will establish a device consisting of a vehicle with the capacity to transport people with reduced mobility and a basic life support unit.

Lastly, the 112 center in Madrid will guarantee service coverage with a total of 67 troops on election day, with six supervisors and 61 room operators.