The Community of Madrid approves the works for the opening of Tower 4 of the Infanta Sofía public Hospital in San Sebastián de los Reyes of Madrid

The Governing Council of the Community of Madrid has approved, at its meeting today, 33,1 million euros for the Infanta Sofía Public University Hospital -San Sebastián de los Reyes- and which will mean the start of works for the opening of Tower 4 of this health center. These works will begin at the beginning of this coming summer and the new facilities are expected to come into service in March 2024. The facade of the hospital
May 24th 2023

Specifically, action will be taken on four of its floors: the Oncohematology Day Hospital will be expanded on the fourth, which will have more than 40 beds to care for these patients. It will also house the oncohematological outpatient clinics and the Day Hospital, which will include a Pharmacy and different support units such as nutritionists, psychologists or volunteers.

You will also have three nursing consultations for extractions and other types of techniques; eight for oncology, two for hematology, one for pharmacy and a clean room, as well as three multipurpose rooms (for nutritionists, psychologists or palliative care).

On the fifth floor of the Infanta Sofía Public Hospital, a conventional hospitalization unit will be created, with 30 individual rooms, and the capacity to double its use and be able to meet specific requirements for the needs of these patients (such as isolation cases), in addition to the staffing palliative care beds.

In the sixth, another 28 hospitalization rooms will be enabled, also individual, with the capacity to double their use and a room for the specific care of geriatric patients and other specialties that require functional recovery.

New spaces and equipment

For its part, on the seventh floor, a conditioned outdoor space will be built as a recreation area that patients and family members can share. Depending on the needs of the hospital and the users, it may be focused on rehabilitation, different types of therapies or to cover operational issues of the building. The first three floors of the center currently house a laboratory and hospital equipment.

The opening and expansion of Tower 4 adds a further 4.204 square meters to the facilities of the Infanta Sofía Public Hospital. The work in each area will cover both the execution of the works and all the additional equipment so that the new areas are equipped according to the care needs of each new space.