The Community launches an interurban bus line to reinforce the connection between Griñón and Humanes de Madrid with the capital of Madrid

The Community of Madrid launches this May 22 an interurban bus line to facilitate the connection between the municipalities of Griñón and Humanes de Madrid with the capital. It is the L470 Madrid (Plaza Elíptica – Humanes – Griñón interchange). One of the intercity buses
May 16th 2023

The new route will make eight daily journeys in each direction every weekday. Its head will be located in the Plaza Elíptica Interchange, specifically in dock 20, located on floor -2 of these facilities (which it will share with lines 460 and 463).

The six departures from Griñón will be at 6:20 am, 8:20 am, 10:20 am, 12:20 pm, 14:20 pm, 16:20 pm, 18:20 pm and 20:20 pm. And from Madrid they will take place at 7:20 am, 9:20 am, 11:20 am, 13:20 pm, 15:20 pm, 17:20 pm, 19:20 pm and 21:20 pm. Vehicles will pass through Humanes de Madrid approximately ten minutes after the departure of the line from Griñón.

Griñón has a connection with the capital through the 460 Batres – Madrid bus line (Plaza Elíptica Interchange). In turn, Humanes de Madrid does the same for the C5 Cercanías.