IRSST analyzes a study on employee work experience of Madrid

The Regional Institute for Safety and Health at Work (IRSST) has held the conference "What really matters to have a good work experience". This informative session has made it possible to find out the conclusions of a study focused on the employee's experience in their workplace. looking through the magnifying glass
May 11th 2023

Elena Méndez, director of the enEvolución human resources network, has presented an analysis based on the need to know and study the data obtained from workers after having emerged from a pandemic situation that has substantially modified the form of organization of the job. For this professional, "it is necessary to know the perception of the employee to be able to make decisions and know how to act." The data has to help connect the productivity of companies with the safety and health of employees.

This human resources expert has delved into the importance of the concept of perception. For Elena Méndez "listening is key to building a better employee experience", hence the importance of knowing the sum of the perceptions that employees live in their day-to-day life in each of the interactions they have with the organization in which they work. they work.

One of the most relevant aspects of the study tries to answer the question about the reasons that lead employees to recommend your company. The bottom line is that the most basic things and communication are the most important. If we dig a little deeper, the results show that those who would recommend their company value the remuneration, the possibility of learning in the workplace and the working conditions in which they carry out their daily tasks.

For the director of enEvolución "the worker needs a closer leadership, where the person is not only a resource but where their personal situation is taken into account." Elena Méndez finished her presentation by talking about "nothing matters without well-being and health".

This day is part of the training activities framed in the Training Catalog 2023. You can check the activities scheduled for the month of May in this link. All sessions are free and focus on the prevention of occupational hazards.