The Community of Madrid brings forward to this coming Saturday the opening of its public swimming pools of Madrid

The Community of Madrid brings forward to this coming Saturday, May 13, the opening of its summer public swimming pools, maintaining the prices of the tickets in force for 5 years now. This measure of the regional government will allow users to enjoy almost a month more than last year of the pool season. This extension is part of the Action Plan for Episodes of High Temperatures recently approved by the regional Executive The pool of Puerta de Hierro
May 11th 2023

Specifically, the public swimming pools of the Community of Madrid will open from Saturday at the facilities of Canal de Isabel II, San Vicente de Paul, Puerta de Hierro Sports Park and World Swimming Center 86 (M86) located in the capital and which have received improvement works in recent months. The opening hours will be from 11.00:20.00 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., Monday to Sunday.

The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sport, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, has detailed that "the regional government has wanted to bring forward the opening of the swimming pools, almost a month compared to other years, to offer citizens an alternative leisure and sport for almost four months and an option to face the high temperatures that are expected this spring and during the summer”.

Discounts and free tickets 

The prices for all public swimming pools in the Community of Madrid have remained unchanged since 2018: five euros per session, to which discounts can also be applied for certain groups. A 65% reduction will be applied to those over 3 years of age, children between 13 and 30 years of age inclusive and members of large families.

Admission will be free for people who prove a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% and companions whose assistance they have to rely on, as well as for children under 3 years of age and victims of terrorism

Regional Youth Card holders will enter the swimming pools of San Vicente Paul, Puerta de Hierro Sports Park and Canal de Isabel II free of charge, with the General Directorate for Youth assuming the cost of this campaign. In M86 the discount on the entrance price, in this case, is 20% as it is a sports center managed by the Madrid Swimming Federation.

The total capacity of the swimming pools is close to 5.000 people and varies from the largest capacity, 3.572 in the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park, to 214 in San Vicente Paul, passing through 567 in Canal de Isabel II and 351 in M86.

In general and for greater convenience, it is recommended to purchase tickets online at the enrollment portal in activities and reservation of sports spaces in the Community of Madrid. In addition, the new App for mobile DeportesCM – free and that will be activated on the same day 13 – created by the regional government with the same objective and functionality as the Portal.

As an inclusive measure and to fight against the digital divide that some groups may suffer, 10% of the number of tickets that can be purchased by paying at the ticket office with a credit or debit card are reserved daily. Lastly, all of them have been equipped with a double code reader to minimize queues for access to changing rooms and swimming pools.

Modern and renovated facilities 

The Puerta de Hierro Sports Park has the largest outdoor pool in Europe, with an area of ​​more than 25.000 square meters. This space has two swimming pools, one multi-purpose and the other for children, as well as various buildings for changing rooms, warehouses, a bar and the beaches that surround the pools, which are grass and paved.

The Canal de Isabel II sports facilities have a surface area of ​​more than 4.400 square metres, with two swimming pools, one for general use and the other for children. The M-86 Swimming Center has two outdoor pools as well as the San Vicente de Paul sports complex.

During this spring conditioning and improvement works have been carried out in all the pools to guarantee and improve the comfort of bathers. Those carried out on the summer pool meadow in M86 or the modernizations in the basins of the four swimming pools, especially in Puerta de Hierro, stand out. This has also been equipped with a giant sandbox to encourage active leisure and facilitate, within the facilities of the pool itself, with the practice of various beach sports. In addition, the cafeterias/kiosks of the four centers will be operational from the first day of the season.