The IRSST addresses the relationship between cardiovascular accidents and working hours of Madrid

The Regional Institute for Safety and Health at Work (IRSST), aware of the importance of raising awareness among the population about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, has brought together experts in ORP and professionals in its training room on April 21 health services to address the relationship between cardiovascular accidents and working hours. Cardiovascular Health Day and Labor Day
April 24

With this conference, the Institute seeks to highlight that cardiovascular risk at work is an important concern for public health, since there are numerous studies that support the association between occupational factors and the risk of suffering from a disease that affects the heart or blood vessels.

The event began with a presentation on the flexibility of the current working day by Jesús Lahera Forteza, Professor of Labor Law at the Complutense University of Madrid and consultant for the Abdón Pedrajas Littler law firm, who highlighted that "the future challenges of accommodating working hours to the digital economy and introducing greater business flexibility must always respect breaks, disconnection and family reconciliation", adding that "it is in this context that the four-day weekday can be discussed".

Next, Dr. José Luis Palma, vice president of the Spanish Heart Foundation, presented his novel approach on new aspects in the prevention, treatment and reversal of work-related cardiovascular diseases. In his presentation, he highlighted that “diseases linked to a bad lifestyle are the main cause of disability and death on the entire planet. According to the WHO, 80% of deaths in Europe", for which he presented "the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine, among which are healthy eating, physical activity, mental well-being, socialization, abandoning substances harmful or the importance of sleep, leisure and rest”.

For her part, María de los Ángeles Viña Cabrerizo, health manager and medical director of Mahou San Miguel, explained how her company works on cardiovascular risk and the preventive actions they carry out to improve health, presenting their current program " A health to your measure”, in which “anyone who wants to challenge or improve something in their health is helped, for example, in the prevention of cardiovascular risk”.

Finally, Ricardo González Guerra, director of Ilunion's health and safety area, spoke to the attendees about the recognition of cardiovascular health in his company, highlighting the special complexity of his work with a vulnerable group and "the importance of promoting activities related to physical activity, as well as having a very involved management in this regard”.

Teresa Moreno, head of the IRSST Technical Training Unit, closed the event by highlighting the value and opportunity of prevention to avoid cardiovascular risk.

With this activity, the Regional Institute for Safety and Health at Work once again meets its objective of establishing spaces that allow experiences, actions and measures to be explored and shared that, from an interdisciplinary perspective, can generate knowledge and promote the preventive management, thus expressing its commitment to respect the health and well-being of workers.