The Community of Madrid begins the planting of more than 6.000 new trees in 13 municipalities of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has begun today the planting of more than 6.000 trees and shrubs that will be distributed among 13 municipalities in the region. This action will be undertaken in 19 green spaces and parks in Alcalá de Henares, Aranjuez, Colmenar del Arroyo, Cubas de la Sagra, Daganzo de Arriba, Getafe, Móstoles, Parla, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Soto del Real, Torrejón de Ardoz, Tres Cantos and Valdeolmos-Alalpardo. For this supra-municipal project, the regional Executive has allocated 867.000 euros from the Regional Investment Program (PIR) 2022/2026. The counselor planting one of the trees
April 03

The Minister of Local Administration and Digitization, Carlos Izquierdo, has visited Daganzo de Arriba, where he has participated in the planting of the first stone pines that will be located in this town. "The primary objective is to increase the number of specimens to create new shady areas or tree-lined walks and thus improve the living areas and green corridors in the region for the enjoyment of the people of Madrid", highlighted the counselor.

Each population has chosen the spaces where the planting will take place and the selected species, more than 63 between trees and shrubs, following ecological and ornamental criteria. Izquierdo has stressed that "it is a project that will not only increase the quality of life of the towns and cities where the action is undertaken, thereby guaranteeing social cohesion and territorial rebalancing, but we also want this renewed vegetation to increase the absorption of carbon dioxide emissions to mitigate the heat island effect”.

Among the 13 municipalities that are the object of the action is Alcalá de Henares, where olive, holm and cork oak trees have been chosen for the plantation. In the La Azuda Park in Aranjuez, among others, almond trees, oaks, poplars and tamarisks, and shrubs such as pitanos, coronillas and orzagas will be planted.

For its part, in Colmenar del Arroyo, the aim is to repopulate the Dehesa with more than 1.800 holm oak seedlings and increase the density of specimens in the Viñuelas forest park, adding ornamental value to the Parque de las Aguas. On the other hand, Cubas de la Sagra will decorate the Parque de las Pérgolas with the chosen species, and Daganzo de Arriba will increase the shaded areas of the recreational area of ​​the Parque del Espino, widely used by its neighbors.

The Alhóndiga de Getafe will benefit from the replacement of the marras to improve the alignments and spaces protected from the sun, as in the Prado Ovejero de Móstoles and the Universo de Parla Park, where they also seek to fill them with multiple colors in each season.

The creation of kiwi trees of both sexes is the most curious choice and will take place in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, with a didactic purpose as it will be carried out in an environment dedicated to urban orchards and other agricultural type plantations.

In Soto del Real, its ash and foliage will be rejuvenated with other species of riparian vegetation such as oaks, gall oaks and rebollos, both in the Parque del Río and in the surroundings of the cycling greenway. Finally, Torrejón de Ardoz, Tres Cantos and Valdeolmos-Alalpardo try to increase the density of trees in their green spaces and enrich them with varieties that provide them with greater ornamental value.