The Community of Madrid begins the deadlines to build four new fire stations to serve more than 47.000 people of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has started the deadlines to build four new fire stations in Cobeña, Loeches, Villanueva de la Cañada and Villarejo de Salvanés. These infrastructures will improve and provide security coverage to the more than 47.000 residents of these four towns, as well as the surrounding towns. The councilors together with the mayors whose municipalities will benefit from the measure
March 30

The Minister for the Presidency, Justice and the Interior, Enrique López, and the Minister for Local Administration and Digitization, Carlos Izquierdo, have delivered today to the mayors of these municipalities a copy of the resolution of registration as actions of a supramunicipal nature attached to the Program of Regional Investment (PIR) 2022/2026. The budget for these actions will be 17 million euros and will be managed by the public company Planifica Madrid.

All of them will have facilities with two floors and three different areas, with space for housing, a vehicle shed and a maneuvering tower. Its construction will significantly reduce the assistance times for these populations in emergency situations, reducing the economic and environmental damage caused by natural and technological risks.

In the case of Cobeña, Loeches and Villanueva de la Cañada, the complex will occupy an area of ​​1.278 square meters. The amount allocated to each of them will be, respectively, 3,7, 3,3 and 3,6 million euros. Finally, the space planned by the Villarejo de Salvanés town hall to build this endowment is 4.669 square meters with a constructed area of ​​almost 1.000 square meters and an initial cost of more than 3 million euros.

López recalled that "with these new resources, added to the other three fire stations that we have planned for Soto del Real, Lozoya and El Molar, we are going to achieve our objective in the coming years that 90% of the population of the region can be attended to if necessary by firefighting professionals within a maximum period of 10 minutes”.

For his part, Izquierdo has stressed that "there are already eleven supra-municipal investments registered by the General Directorate of Investment and Local Development and that the regional government finances 100% through the PIR reserve fund endowed with 350 million euros ”.

1.600 troops in 2023

The regional fire brigade is currently taking care of emergencies for more than 3,2 million citizens in the region. The start in the last quarter of 2022 of a selective course for 150 new applicants will result this year in the historic figure of more than 1.600 troops and the management of 22 parks.

An orderly preventive policy regarding fires and the extensive network of fire stations, in addition to the deployment of professionals and the media, are some of the causes that led the Community to reach an effectiveness rate of 83,1% last year, quelling attempts of fires (less than one hectare of burned area), registering the best data of the last decade, with less than 700 burned hectares, of which only 50 corresponded to wooded area.