We show Madrid students how the SMAC works

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The General Directorate of Labor receives vocational training students as part of their apprenticeship. This collaboration allows future professionals to learn about the functioning of the organization and especially the area of ​​the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service (SMAC)

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March 21

The General Directorate of Labor has received the students of the professional training center Escuela Superior Profesional de Madrid (EPSUM), in order to show them how the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service (SMAC) works from within, and disseminate the important work of this organism.

The General Director of Labor of the Community of Madrid, Silvia Marina Parra Rudilla, has received the students, in a visit framed within the subject "Training and Occupational Guidance" in its different grades. There, they have been explained that the SMAC is in charge of conciliations prior to labor claims, trying to reach agreements between employers and employees and avoid going to court.

As part of that visit, the students have been able to witness several real conciliation acts between employers and employees. The issues that must be submitted to prior administrative conciliation are those related to the employment contract signed between private employers (including between employers and employees in the form of a Public Limited Company) and workers related to dismissals, disciplinary sanctions, claims for amount and recognition of rights in general, or collective conflicts, among other issues.

The SMAC is a free service of the Community of Madrid and the conciliation ballot, the first step to start the process, can be presented in person or virtually at the SMAC Space from the Community website.