The Community of Madrid collaborates in the Paralympic Relay project to promote inclusive sport of Madrid

The Community of Madrid collaborates in the Paralympic Relay project to promote inclusive sport in the region, which was presented today by the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, the president of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, Miguel Carballeda, and the judoka, Marta Arce, in charge of conducting the event. Counselor Marta Rivera during her speech
March 02

Rivera de la Cruz has highlighted that this performance will take place from March to November of this year, and its objective is to "promote the career of Paralympic athletes in the region on their way to high competition." The process starts from the initial phase, locating people with disabilities who have potential, up to their access to the modernization programs of the Madrid federations and the teams of Paralympic Promises.

All of this makes it possible to create an inclusive management structure between Madrid clubs and entities that will favor the continuous training of future athletes over time. The initiative has a comprehensive approach that covers a wide variety of aspects, such as the training of technicians in areas such as modernization, the provision of equipment to sports entities, the holding of promotion days and talent detection, the creation of a structure of inclusive clubs, or the signing of agreements with institutions of interest.

In addition to this action, the regional Executive has been developing others that favor inclusive sport. It is the case of Activate your ability which seeks the incorporation of students with disabilities to physical activity on a regular and permanent basis as a basic health habit and improvement of their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. Thanks to this measure, 46 schools were created last year in 26 centers, from which 300 people benefited.

The regional government is also going to launch the project in the near future Madrid Inclusive Community, with physical activity programs, during the school day, to educational centers with students with special educational needs who do not participate in Activate your Capacity. The adhesion of 110 centers is expected, and it will be carried out jointly with the Madrid sports federations.