The Community of Madrid rehabilitates four cemeteries and three funeral homes under the PIR 2022/2026 of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has approved projects for the rehabilitation and improvement of cemeteries and funeral homes in seven municipalities, to which it will allocate almost two million euros from the Regional Investment Program -PIR- 2022/2026. The reform and conditioning works will be carried out in four cemeteries and three funeral homes. Councilor Carlos Izquierdo at the gates of a cemetery
February 17

These are actions registered by the municipalities through the new PIR in Canencia, Horcajuelo de la Sierra, Horcajo de la Sierra-Aoslos, Garganta de los Montes, Braojos, Valdetorres de Jarama and El Berrueco.

The Minister of Local Administration and Digitization, Carlos Izquierdo, recalled today, during his visit to Villanueva de Perales, that "this type of initiative, together with those related to the asphalt operation of streets, are among the most demanded by the residents of the region, especially, by those who live in more remote environments”.

Izquierdo has been able to learn about the rehabilitation works carried out in the cemetery in this town and that have been carried out through this plan in the previous period. Specifically, the pavement has been renewed to make the itineraries 100% pedestrian and the extension of pits and columbariums has been undertaken, with a budget of 135.000 euros.

The General Directorate of Investments of the Autonomous Government has already approved the execution of a total of 260 projects of the PIR 2022/26 for an amount that reaches 135 million euros. Among these, 136 correspond to the northern zone, for a value of 35 million; 40 to the east, for an amount of 32 million; 36 to the south, for an amount of 39 million; and, finally, 48 to the west, with an amount of 28 million.

"We work with the objective that this Regional Investment Program serves to promote territorial rebalancing, social cohesion and avoid depopulation, achieving the improvement of infrastructures and services, which will have a special impact on smaller towns", Izquierdo has remarked.