The Community of Madrid reaffirms its commitment to the institutions and values ​​of the European Union of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has reaffirmed today its commitment to the institutions and values ​​of the European Union (EU), such as respect for human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. The Minister of the Presidency, Justice and the Interior, Enrique López, has traveled to the community capital to convey the importance of the regions in this political structure of which 27 countries are a part. Minister Enrique López in front of an EU flag
29 November 2022

Among other activities carried out, López has held a meeting with the ambassador of the Permanent Representation of Spain to the European Union (REPER), Marcos Alonso, to whom he has conveyed the need to involve the Autonomous Communities in establishing the position of Spain in the main decisions at the European level, especially those that affect its competence framework more directly, such as education or health.

Likewise, he has met with the head of the Office of the Community of Madrid in Brussels, Alfredo Sánchez, an infrastructure located in the Embassy that assumes the official dialogue of the region before the community institutions.  

This space was created in 1994 and is attached to the General Directorate of European Affairs and Cooperation with the State of the Madrid Executive. It is in charge of monitoring community policies that may affect the activity of the autonomous government, and during this semester it assumes its representation in the areas of Education and Culture, which translates into the participation of working groups of officials in this matter.

López has also met with the director for Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law of the European Commission, Emmanuel Crabit, with whom he has shared the actions that are necessary to address in terms of Justice to meet the objectives of the European Union in Law matter. Other issues have also been addressed, such as the modernization and digitization of Justice, through instruments such as the electronic judicial file, the draft zero paper, or the promotion of alternatives to conflict resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, as well as the regional policy of humanization of Justice in the development of judicial infrastructures.

Lastly, López concluded this day with a meeting with the director of the Legal Service of the European Commission, Daniel Calleja, who has endorsed the Madrid Government's commitment to compliance with and dissemination of Community Law as a guaranteeing instrument of democratic stability. within the Union.

Visit to the European Committee of the Regions 

In addition to the central act that will take place tomorrow with the participation in the Conference on the European protection of victims of terrorism, López will visit the headquarters of the European Committee of the Regions (COR), the highest advisory body that represents regions and local entities of the old continent. There he will hold a meeting with its president, Vasco Alvés.

In this body, the Community of Madrid actively participates in the formulation and review of European policies. Since May 2021, eight plenary sessions have been held, in which the regional Executive has presented 73 amendments, of which 39 have literally been approved, and has provided 463 supports to others.

Madrid is part of RegHub, a network made up of 40 regions or local entities of the European Union, which collects the opinion of the recipients of certain EU policies and legislative initiatives.

The Minister of the Presidency will end his trip to Brussels tomorrow with his speech at the conference The European protection of the victims of terrorism: the role of the institutions and civil society, organized by the Madrid Government Commissioner on this matter.