The Community of Madrid reinforces the bus service to access the cemeteries on the occasion of the All Saints' Day of Madrid

The Community of Madrid, through the Regional Transport Consortium, has launched the reinforcement of the service on the urban bus lines that provide access to the different cemeteries in the region. Thus, the increased demand for public transport by people who go to the cemeteries on the occasion of the All Saints Day is met. Intercity buses of the Community of Madrid
30 October 2022

The extension is already operational, both in the capital, where it will last until Wednesday, November 2, and in the rest of the municipalities in the region, where the device will remain active from today, Saturday, until Tuesday, November 1. both days included.

The localities in which the services of the urban lines are reinforced are Aranjuez (lines L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5), Arganda del Rey (SE Metro-Cementerio), Coslada (L2), Getafe (L1), Pinto ( L1) and Torrejón de Ardoz (L1). In Leganés, interurban line 485 (Aluche-Norte Montepinos) is reinforced. In the other municipalities, the buses that serve their cemeteries offer, from today until Tuesday, the usual schedules on holidays.

In the case of the city of Madrid, November 1, All Saints' Day, is the day of greatest demand, so 29 extra vehicles will be added to eight lines of the Madrid Municipal Transport Company (EMT) that communicate with the necropolis of the capital.

Specifically, they are increased on lines 25 Ópera-Casa de Campo; 106 Manuel Becerra-Vicalvaro; 108 Porto-Carabanchel Cemetery; 110 Manuel Becerra-La Almudena; 113 Méndez Álvaro-Ciudad Lineal; and 118 Embajadores-La Peseta, as well as in the Special Services of Plaza Elíptica-Cementerio Sur (SE702) and Plaza de Castilla-Fuencarral Cemetery (SE704).

Recommended accesses in the capital

To get to the Almudena cemetery, the Regional Transport Consortium recommends using the EMT urban bus line 110, which starts at Plaza de Manuel Becerra and even goes inside the cemetery. Similarly, lines 106 Manuel Becerra-Vicálvaro and 113 Méndez Álvaro-Ciudad Lineal have stops near the necropolis.

Carabanchel Cemetery can be reached both on line 108 Oporto-Carabanchel Cemetery, and on Embajadores-La Peseta; Both routes have stops at the cemetery gate.

The Special Service 702 connects Plaza Elíptica with the South Cemetery, while to access the Fuencarral cemetery it is recommended to use the special line 704 that leaves from Plaza de Castilla (SE704) or lines 134 and 178 (both cover, with different routes, the Plaza de Castilla-Montecarmelo itinerary).

Finally, to get to the sacramental of San Isidro, the lines 17 Plaza Mayor-Colonia Parque Europa, 25 Ópera-Casa de Campo and 50 Puerta del Sol-Avenida del Manzanares are recommended.