The Community of Madrid activates the first 1.763 industrialized homes with affordable rents of the VIVE Plan of Madrid

The Community of Madrid activates the first 1.763 industrialized homes within the VIVE Plan of the regional government with rents 40% lower than the market price. These promotions will be located in the municipalities of Alcalá de Henares, Alcorcón, Tres Cantos, Getafe and San Sebastián de los Reyes. Counselor Paloma Martín inside one of the modular homes with other people
July 27, 2022

The Minister for the Environment, Housing and Agriculture, Paloma Martín, today visited Wallex, the industrialized plant located in the Burgos municipality of Aranda del Duero where these homes are built from one of the three VIVE Plan lots awarded to Culmia, where The first tests of the Madrid flats have started. From this installation will come the structures and facades that will later be assembled in the work itself.

These promotions will use the most innovative industrialized construction techniques with which, through the latest technology, all the structural components are made in a factory, which then only have to be assembled on site. This process allows delivery times to be reduced by 30% and is more respectful of the environment as it generates less water and energy consumption and facilitates better use of materials, generating up to -60% waste. Occupational risks are also reduced by 80% when working directly in a factory.

“The VIVE Plan is a successful model of public-private collaboration to increase the affordable housing stock in the region, where the Autonomous Administration makes land available to the operators, who are the ones who invest in the construction and management of the properties. , and the people of Madrid benefit from lower than market rents. A regional initiative that is going to represent a paradigm shift in the construction of new public works towards industrialization and sustainability”, Martín highlighted. In addition, he has indicated that the works by Culmia of the promotions located in Tres Cantos and Alcorcón have already begun. In total there will be 5.406 households.

The counselor has also informed that this coming Friday, the 29th, the competition for the second batch of this program will be published on the Contracting Portal of the Community of Madrid, which will add 1.137 new flats in Boadilla del Monte, with 524 homes located on one plot; Pinto, also on a plot of land with 400 apartments, and Colmenar Viejo, where there will be three surfaces and 213 properties.

Young solution plan 

The Community of Madrid concentrates 67% of the total residential investment made in the country, receives 77% of foreign real estate investment and builds more than 50% of all protected housing in Spain.

Along the same lines, the Madrid councilor has indicated that the next legislature will promote the Youth Solution Plan to make available 1.200 industrialized homes, with a maximum of 70 square meters and with a monthly rent of less than 600 euros in the municipalities of Madrid, Alcorcón , Ciempozuelos, Colmenar Viejo, Navalcarnero and Torrejón de la Calzada. They will be aimed at facilitating the emancipation of those under 35 years of age.