We incorporate technology into the sports practice of swimming

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The Community of Madrid incorporates technology into the sports practice of swimming. This was announced today by the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, during her visit to the 86 World Swimming Center. This sports center has been chosen to launch a training digitization project and a geolocation security system, with the purpose of turning this facility into a Digital Innovation Center in the sports field (Sports Lab).

https://www.comunidad.madrid/sites/default/files/marta_rivera_-_visita_intalaciones_m86_piscinas_1.jpg50453267 The counselor walking next to a swimming pool while listening to the explanation of one of those responsible for the facilities
August 16th, 2021

“This is a pioneering project at the regional level”, Rivera de la Cruz pointed out, because although this system is already applied in some municipalities and private pools, “the Community of Madrid will be the first to implement the geolocation system in a pool managed from a regional administration”.

This digitization process is necessary to improve the practice and technique of both the athletes who are part of the modernization, talent identification and performance programs, as well as the users who use this sports space.

Thus, through a technology system bluetooth On the one hand, the monitoring of the swimmer's exercise will be achieved with a record of the activity and oriented towards the health, promotion and performance of the swimmer; and, on the other hand, the tool provides a drowning prevention system that instantly notifies the need for assistance through a chip that is placed in the swimmer's goggles or cap, connected to sensors located at different points in the pool that detect, among other circumstances, when the swimmer remains submerged longer than usual.

Precisely, the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports has attended a demonstration of this latest application, nagi Smart Pool, with the collaboration of the paratriathlete, Marta Francés.

Rivera de la Cruz has also visited, within the facilities of this sports complex, the Sports Medicine Center of the Community of Madrid, which has qualified health specialists and the most modern technical means to ensure medical-sports assistance and coverage in two large areas, that of competitive athletes -in collaboration with the different Federations and Technification Centers-; and that of athletes awarded scholarships by the Community of Madrid.

Finally, the minister had the opportunity to greet Juan José Dueñas Herruzo, president of the Madrid Swimming Federation, which has its headquarters at the 86 World Swimming Center.

Sports and educational center of reference

The World Swimming Center 86 is the largest aquatic complex and reference sports center in the Community of Madrid. It was expressly built to host the World Swimming Championships that were held in Spain in 1986. Its 23.674,49 m2 of surface area houses eight swimming pools, two gyms and other complementary facilities.

Subsequently, an educational center for technical athletes was created within its facilities, thus acquiring the dual nature of a sports and academic facility for swimmers and other athletes in the Madrid region.

Another of the objectives pursued by the Community of Madrid is sustainability and energy efficiency in the operation of sports facilities. Thus, for the year 2022, it is estimated to carry out, among other actions, the study, assessment and execution of the improvement of the air conditioning of the Center's facilities, as well as the replacement and/or improvement of different water control and treatment systems. .