We make more than 20.000 books available to students through the new virtual library

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The Community of Madrid has made available to Madrid students, during this school year, more than 20.000 books and digital content (books, audiobooks, podcasts, videos, films and much more). Through MadREAD without limits, 640.000 students from 4th year of Primary Education to 2nd year of Baccalaureate, and teachers in the region benefit from this regional government initiative to promote reading habits and interactive learning, promote distance education, equal access to educational content and provide students with new digital resources.

https://www.comunidad.madrid/sites/default/files/img/personalidades/ossorio_-_biblioteca_virtual.jpg40323024 Ossorio presents the new virtual library
16 November 2020

This tool will help teachers to comply with the Reading Plans designed by the Community of Madrid for different ages and create their own. Likewise, teachers can request a work that is not in the catalog to include it and, in this way, work together with the students.

The Minister of Education and Youth, Enrique Ossorio, has participated in an activity with 3rd year ESO students from the San Isidro Secondary Education Institute in Madrid, in which they have worked on the book The Smile of the Stone Fish, by Rosa Huertas, who was present at the event. Ossorio has been interested in the use that students make of this platform and its interaction with new technologies in the educational field.

The contents of Unlimited MadREAD (https://madread.educa.madrid.org/), are available in several languages, and are presented structured by stages and educational levels to facilitate students' access to the most appropriate and interesting works for their age. In addition, thanks to the platform's technology, students can obtain follow-up reports on their improvement in reading, writing and learning, and interact with their teachers and other students at the same time. The materials are also accessible through an App that can be downloaded and installed on tablets and mobile phones.

Unlimited MadREAD It also offers many advantages for teachers, since they can create their own reading and learning plans, adapting them to the subjects and their content. They also have the possibility of enriching their lessons with multimedia elements, recommendations, extensions or clarifications of content, and even the creation of specific activities for their students. In addition, technology allows learning experiences to be adapted to the different special needs of students such as dyslexia and visual difficulties, among others.

Integrated into a Comprehensive Learning Plan

Platform Unlimited MadREAD It is part of a comprehensive learning plan of the Community of Madrid that has content in Spanish, English, French and German that each educational center can customize according to its needs. This tool works on multiple devices and platforms, with or without Internet coverage, and allows you to carry out a multitude of activities that promote collaborative learning, the creation and publication of content, and participation in reading clubs or debates with authors.

In addition, the library offers thousands of different options for the study of all subjects such as language, STEAM areas or teaching materials for language learning. It also includes a health and nutrition section to encourage good habits among young people, and movies, audiobooks, history, geography and technology magazines, as well as specially selected readings, will be loaned out.

On the other hand, in order for the educational community to get the most out of the platform Unlimited MadREAD, an exhaustive training plan for teachers has been designed. This plan is made up of online training (webinars), adapted content and a constant assistance plan for each center, among other activities that will take place over time.