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"The best products are grown and made much closer than you imagine"


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"Link your products to the values ​​of quality, closeness and trust"

Consumers are increasingly choosing products with ADDED VALUE, QUALITY products whose close ORIGIN makes them feel identified.

With the M Certified Product seal, consumers will be able to easily IDENTIFY Madrid agri-food products, associating them with the values ​​of PROXIMITY, SECURITY and TRUST, which the brand represents.

The companies covered by the brand will benefit from PROMOTION campaigns, which will improve awareness of their products, having a positive impact on their sales and boosting their business relationships. Your products will also enjoy the support of a PRESTIGIOUS brand, whose values ​​are guaranteed.

More than 500 Madrid companies, adhering to the M Certified Product guarantee mark!

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This figure vindicates the Community of Madrid as a region that produces, processes and transforms food and agri-food products of first category and differentiated quality, marking the path towards food excellence.

This brand was created in 2014 as the most ambitious project in the field of promotion and recognition of the quality of agri-food products in the region. Since then, companies from all productive sectors have adhered to it: wines, meats, oils, cheeses, craft beers, eggs, honey, etc., since the seal distinguishes the products of the Community of Madrid with the clear objectives of:

- Make it easier for consumers to clarification on the market those food products elaborated and/or produced in the Community of Madrid, that offer a differentiated quality.

- Guarantee consumers that the product is quality and environmentally friendly.

- Give prestige to the products attached to the brand, providing them with a adding value, by linking your image with a value of quality, safety and trust.

- Promote the sustainable economic development y revitalize the rural environment of the region.

More than 500 and we keep growing!


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