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Energy Plan of the Community of Madrid Horizonte 2020


Energy is an essential good for socio-economic development and for personal and collective well-being, which requires the attention of Public Administrations. The Government of the Community of Madrid, faithful to its commitments, has drawn up this Energy Plan, whose horizon is set in 2020 and which constitutes the instrument of its energy strategy.

The Energy Plan of the Community of Madrid Horizonte 2020 has the following general objectives, which are coherent with those established in national and European energy planning:

  • Satisfaction of energy demand with high levels of security and quality of supply, reinforcing existing infrastructure;
  • Improvement of the efficiency in the use of the energy, that allows to reduce the consumption in a 10% with respect to the tendency scenario;
  • Increase of 35% in the production of renewable energy and above 25% in total energy production.
The Plan is addressed to all citizens, companies and institutions of the Community of Madrid. It contemplates measures and actions that affect all sectors, so that the whole society improves the efficiency in the consumption of energy.
The planning that is established has the horizon of the 2020 year, in line with national and European energy planning.

The Plan presents three strategic lines:

  • Improved efficiency in the use of energy, so that consuming less reach the same levels of production and comfort.
  • Increase in energy production in the region, mainly from renewable sources.
  • Improvement of energy infrastructures, in order to guarantee a reliable, safe and quality supply.


The diagnosis of the existing situation is made in Chapter 3º of the Plan. The total energy consumption in the region is set at 9,6 million equivalent tons of oil. Breaking down this consumption by energy products, more than half corresponds to petroleum products, with 5,4 million equivalent tons of oil, followed by electricity with 2,3 million and natural gas with 1,8 million equivalent tons of oil. Analyzing consumption by economic sectors, more than half corresponds to the transport sector, with 5 million tons of oil equivalent, followed by the domestic sector, with 2,3 million and services, with 1,3 million.

Energy production in the region amounts to 179.000 equivalent tons of oil, which represents only 2% of the total energy consumed, and 4% if cogeneration is included.


The objectives of the Energy Plan of the Madrid-Horizonte 2020 Community are the following:

  • Satisfaction of energy demand with high levels of security and quality of supply, reinforcing existing infrastructure.
  • Improvement in the efficiency of energy consumption, with reductions between 1,5% and 2% annual of the final energy intensity, which will represent, in the 2015-2020 period, a decrease of around 10% of consumption with respect to the trend scenario.
  • Increase of 35% in the production of renewable energy in the 2015-2020 period and above the 25% in the total energy production.
The Plan contemplates the development of a total of 80 measures, of which 54 correspond to improvement of energy efficiency in the different sectors, 12 to encourage the indigenous generation, mainly of renewable origin and 14 to improve energy infrastructure .
The Plan began to be developed in 2015 and contemplates a horizon up to 2020.
Evaluation and follow-up

To monitor the development of the Plan, two indicators will be used:

  • The number of measures developed, on the total of 80 measures contemplated in the Plan.
  • The evolution of energy intensity, ratio that represents the quotient between Gross Domestic Product and energy consumption. Indicates, therefore, the amount of energy needed to generate each unit of GDP.