An economy open to business

An economy open to business


Discover why Madrid is the optimal location for your company.

An economy open to business

The Community of Madrid facilitates the establishment of new companies and makes it possible for investors to maximize their development potential. 

A Regional Government committed to continuously improving the business climate and attentive to investor needs.

A Regional Government committed to paving the way for businesses, reducing administrative procedures and obstacles.

Madrid is the only Spanish region that offers traders the possibility of establishing their own opening hours, depending on their needs and interests. Any store can open every day of the year, 24 hours of the day. Sale periods are also deregulated.

Madrid has the lowest tax burden out of all Spanish regions:

  • Citizens residing in the Community of Madrid are those who pay the lowest taxes in the country, thanks to the commitment of the Regional Government to maintain moderate tax rates, which allow to sustain public finances and, at the same time, stimulate consumption.
  • There is a 100% discount applied to wealth tax in the Region of Madrid.
  • Taxation on Property Conveyance and Documented Legal Acts (necessary for the purchase or sale of goods or the constitution of companies, for example), has the lowest rates in Madrid out of all other regions in Spain.
  • Inheritance and Donation taxes also have a very advantageous tax in Madrid compared to other regions of Spain.

Graph showing that Madrid has the lowest rates of IRPF


In addition, Spain offers companies one of the lowest corporate taxes in Western Europe.

                          COMPANY TAX (%) 2019


Source: OECD statistics