Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service of the General University Hospital Gregorio Marañón

Full psychiatric care for children and teenagers

Institute of Psychiatry and Mental Health. Gregorio Marañón University General Hospital

The Institute of Psychiatry and Mental Health Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón (IPSMarañón) provides comprehensive care to patients.

This comprehensive care is framed in five main axes: short hospitalization units, day hospitals, specific outpatient care programs, general outpatient care consultations at the mental health centers of Moratalaz / Vicálvaro and Retiro, and the psychiatry and psychology program consultation and liaison clinic. It also develops an important teaching and research activity to help improve the quality of life of people with mental disorders and their families, in addition to promoting the personal and professional development of its human team. 

Within outpatient care, among others, prestigious programs on the table: AMI-TEA (Comprehensive Medical Care-Autism Spectrum Disorders), UMERP (Unit for Minors at Mental Risk), PIENSA (Intervention Program in Adolescent Psychosis),  ATRAPA (Actions for the Treatment of Personality in Adolescence). PRECAPD (Community Alcohol and Dual Pathology Program), PRICES y PRISUME (Suicide Risk Attention Programs), GENETICS and PSYCHIATRICS (Attention to mental health problems of people with genetic pathologies), USMS (Mental health unit for deaf people), TCA CLINIC (Eating Disorders) or a program for the complex diagnosis of autism or the most recent, of prevention in people at high risk of psychosis.