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Renove Plans and MOVES III Program of the Community of Madrid


The Community of Madrid has been developing different Renove Plans since 2006, through the Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid. These Plans have become a reference model at the national level. Currently, the MOVES III Program of Incentives for Efficient and Sustainable Mobility is also in force, which was approved by the Council of Ministers, at the proposal of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, on April 13 through Royal Decree 266 / 2021.


About Renove Plans

A fundamental objective of these Plans is energy saving. Since 2006, savings of close to 200.000 tons of oil equivalent have been achieved. In addition, by replacing old facilities with more efficient ones, air pollution is reduced, mainly in urban areas, and contributes to the reduction of CO emissions.2. Since 2006, an emission reduction of close to one million tons of CO has been achieved.2.

On the other hand, with the Renove Plans, an increase in the security of the facilities is achieved, because the old facilities that are replaced are often in poor condition, remaining in compliance with current safety regulations.

It is also possible to generate economic activity and employment in different sectors related to the equipment or products that are the object of the Plans: manufacturers, installers, maintainers, merchants, etc. Since 2006, the induced investment has been greater than 700 million euros, corresponding to the invoices issued in the reforms carried out, which have been more than 700.000, with total aid of 124 million euros.

Finally, these Plans contribute to the awareness of Madrid citizens and companies about the importance of promoting energy efficiency in all areas of society.