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  • The Transfusion Center, which already has a track record since 1988, nevertheless draws on a long history, more than seventy years of experience, management and research carried out by the Spanish Institute of Hematology and Hemotherapy in Madrid and the Banks of Blood from Madrid hospitals, as well as from the donation work carried out by the Brotherhood of Blood Donors until the early XNUMXs.

    Currently, the Transfusion Center coordinates all activities related to blood donation in the Community of Madrid: promotion and planning of all blood and plasma donations, as well as their processing, analysis and distribution of blood components to all hospitals in Madrid. , 67 between public and private, five of them on the list of the largest and most complex hospitals in national health.

    The CTCM manages and distributes around 250.000 blood donations a year, making it a strategic center for maintaining hospital activity.  

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    On the other hand, it has a Histocompatibility Laboratory, in which the HLA typing of all bone marrow donors in our region is carried out, as well as the corresponding compatibility studies between donor and recipient. The center, which is part of the National Bone Marrow Plan, and which has been exceeding the objectives set annually, has already incorporated more than 40.000 people registered to be bone marrow donors.

    But if the number of registered donors is important, the study and analysis of blood samples to establish the subsequent compatibility between donors and patients is just as important or even more so. In this sense, the CTCM Histocompatibility Laboratory stands out for its "high quality standards in the typing of the samples" according to the ONT, which has made the Community of Madrid, year after year, the region with the most donations effective contributions for stem cell transplants (between 20-30%).

    In addition, it has a reference laboratory for Special Techniques to which all the hospitals in Madrid and other autonomous communities send, for study, the samples of transfusion-subsidiary patients who present complex immunohematological problems. Likewise, and thanks to the cryopreservation area, we can meet the transfusion needs of those patients who have rare blood phenotypes.

    Lastly, and for fifteen years, the CTCM has been a member of the Umbilical Cord Blood Bank, one of the seven public banks that exist in Spain, recognized by the National Transplant Organization and by CAT Certification for using the highest standards in all its processes. quality criteria. Currently, the BSCU tanks hold more than 7.500 units of cord blood.


    Training and professionalism

    In the teaching field, the CTCM makes a decisive contribution to the training of all Resident Medical Interns (MIR) of Hematology and Hemotherapy in Madrid.

    All this work is possible thanks to the main asset of this Center, the staff that make up its staff, 214 professionals from different categories, highly qualified and fully committed to the objectives of the center.

    With this web page we open the doors of the Blood Transfusion Center to citizens and professionals. In it you will be able to learn about our organization and operation, our activity and the values ​​that define our mission and vision as a public health institution at the service of donors and patients.


    Luisa Maria Barea Managing Director Transfusion Center of the Community of Madrid

  • Our mission is to satisfy at all times and efficiently the needs and expectations of blood donors, hospitals and patients in the Community of Madrid. To this end, we make sure that our products and services meet the highest quality standards at all times and in each link of the chain.

  • Our vision is to be a reference center both for the efficiency in the management of the stock of blood reserves and the study and registration of bone marrow and cord blood donors, as well as for the support work for the Hematology services and hospital blood banks. and the study and resolution of complex immunohematological problems.  


  • We are a committed organization that works at the service of society. Our principles are transparency and integrity, openness to innovation and belief in teamwork and ongoing training. We have a preventive mentality and we focus our efforts on continuous improvement.