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The Transfusion Center has several campaigns in force aimed at promoting blood donation in hospitals, bone marrow donation, plasma donation and umbilical cord blood donation.

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    Campaign "The important thing is not the steps you take, but the footprints you leave"

    The Community of Madrid has launched a new campaign to encourage blood donation in hospitals in the region, with the aim of reaching between 115.000 and 120.000 bags this year, thus recovering activity levels prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. XNUMX. 

    With the motto The steps you take are not important, but the footprints you leave. In this hospital you can donate blood. Leave your mark, the Transfusion Center encourages the residents of the Madrid municipalities to go to their reference health centers to carry out this altruistic gesture. 

    It also encourages those people who, although they go to the hospital for consultations related to their health, can also take the opportunity to donate when their pathology does not prevent them.

    The people of Madrid will find this campaign in all the hospitals of the Madrid Health Service along with stickers on the floor that will show them the way from the access door to the donation room.

    To donate, check hours and addresses here

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    Campaign "Compatible with life"

    "Compatibles con la vida" is a campaign to encourage the donation of bone marrow from the Transfusion Center. This year 3.700 new donors have registered and the goal is to reach 5.100. 

    Become a donor! The more people registered, the more chances of recovering their lives for people sick with leukemias, lymphomas and other diseases.

    It is very simple. In the video we explain how.

  • compatible with life

    What if we told you that there is someone somewhere in the world practically identical to you and whose life you could also save? Do you want to know how? It is very simple. We explain it to you in this video.


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    The Transfusion Center launches an information campaign to publicize and increase the donation of plasma in the region, a blood component that is used to make transfusions and make essential medicines that treat serious diseases. with the motto In your plasma there is a lot of life. become a donor, is part of a plan that seeks to get closer to self-sufficiency in 2027.

    If 2022 is going to end 8.000 processes of this type, the goal for 2027 is to reach the figure of 43.000. It would be about adding 7.000 more in stages over the next five years.

    In the region there are at least 6.000 patients in need of this type of therapy. Specifically, almost 2.000 are treated with immunoglobulins for suffering from different primary and secondary immune disorders; around 3.000 a year need to receive albumin as supportive treatment when they are undergoing surgery or have severe infections or serious burns; and more than 400 are undergoing treatment for coagulation disorders (hemophilia or Von Willebrand disease).

    Find out and make an appointment here

Do you know the importance of plasma?

  • See explanatory video: What is plasma? What is it for? How is it donated? Where is it donated?


    View testimonial videos from patients and donors at video library.