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Blood Donation Marathon Campaign in Hospitals 2023. 1nd Edition

  • The Transfusion Center launches the 1nd edition 2023 of the traditional Campaign of blood donation marathons in hospitals.

    The aim of the  Life Marathon. Donate blood, 30 Madrid hospitals have joined the organization of these events under the slogan High Life!. The objective is to maintain blood reserves at their optimal levels so that they are not depleted with Easter and the beginning of summer.

    The Transfusion Center encourages the people of Madrid to collaborate with their reference hospitals in these solidarity events. 

    If you can't make it during a marathon, go any day. We always need you!!

    Consult marathon calendar.

    Blood donation

Campaign In your plasma there is a lot of life. become a donor

  • Plasma is an essential component of blood that is used to transfuse but especially to obtain essential medicines for the treatment of serious diseases. Plasma is very deficient in Spain and therefore many donors are needed. For this reason, the Transfusion Center launches the Campaign In your plasma there is a lot of life. Become a donor. In this video we explain everything that has to do with plasma and this type of donation: What is it? What is it for? How is it donated? Where is it donated? 

    Find out and make an appointment here.