Gold nib of a fountain pen and sheet of paper

Here you can consult the procedure and regulations in force in the Community of Madrid

Hands on computer keyboard

Procedures with the Social Housing Agency? You don't need to move...

Waitress with a menu card in her hand

The complaints alert the health authorities about possible failures in the food chain. ...

image of a person signing a document

Document of Advance Instructions

One hand using the app

The Community of Madrid has created IDentifica, the new digital tool promoted by the regional Executive so that citizens can complete their procedures with the Administration in an...

pre-registration procedures

Information on the procedures to follow in accessing the university, being in possession of the Baccalaureate degree and having passed the EvAU.

Written sheet and open pen

Procedures, permits, procedures and payment of fees regarding railway infrastructure. ...


The Community of Madrid has approved, at the meeting of the Governing Council held this week, the 'omnibus' Decree with which unnecessary or obsolete administrative burdens are eliminated,...