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The dissemination of the preventive culture improves working conditions and reduces the accident rate.

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Consult the grants and subsidies related to this sector. ...

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The objective of this section is to facilitate consultation of local aid and assistance, integrated in the different calls offered by the Directorate General for Rebalancing...

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Courses adapted to the reality and needs of associations but open to all young people

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Do you live outside of Madrid? We also have courses for you...

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Consult the basic line of investment of the Community of Madrid destined to the different municipalities of the region.

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The Community of Madrid increases its investment in aid aimed at guaranteeing the high sanitary level of regional livestock farms by 11% in 2023. The Governing Council has authorized...

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The Community of Madrid promotes the film and audiovisual sector with the call for subsidies for the production of short films, the promotion of feature films, the creation of ...